Mike Tyson Drops Some Serious Knowledge In Leaked Unaired TUF Footage



When we think of Mike Tyson, ‘measured’ and ‘mature’ are not generally words that spring immediately to mind. In fact, the boxing star is famed for being anything but! In recent times, he has poured glasses of water of former manager Don King, after he patted him on the back in greeting. We certainly get a mixed bag with Tyson which is what struck fear into the hearts of so many reporters when told they would be interviewing him. But a clip has emerged recently showing a Tyson from behind closed doors. A Tyson that few people have seen.



The clip comes from The Ultimate Fighter, season 12 when Georges St Pierre brought in the boxing legend to meet with and mentor his team. Whilst Tyson did in fact feature on the show in an abridged version, the below footage never aired and was leaked several years later. The producers decided not to include the clip due to the fact that it was too long and would not engage viewers.


But you only have to look at the faces of the contestants on the show to know that Tyson is dropping some serious language on the young up and comers. It is a measured and mature, almost father-like Tyson who addresses the fighters. He doesn’t swear profusely, or scream or shout, he is calm and he makes a lot of sense!


One of the more sound pieces of knowledge that he lays down is: “Never feel desperate [to win] or you will make mistakes.” Tyson says that fighting is at its most elemental when it is two people in an even contest and you have to think and figure out how to beat your opponent. He sees no merit in a one-sided affair. To Tyson, that is not fighting. Whilst we are all emotional, the best fighters are the ones who can leave emotion out of it and think their way through a fight to beat their opponent.


Check out the clip in its entirety on the player below. You will be surprised by how eloquently the champ speaks!