‘The Blonde Conor McGregor’ Eliminates Multiple Opponents On Spring Break



Who doesn’t love a nice day out at the beach? A few mates, some babes, the sun, sea and sand make for a brilliant mix that is primed to get the endorphins flowing. But when you throw a few tins or cocktails into the mix, that usually signals the epitome of relaxation. The addition of alcohol to this lovely day out fueled a nasty turn of events as shown in the video below. Whoever said that only blokes resort to physical violence hasn’t met these chicks from the states!



The video opens in the midst of a spat between a few of the women when the blonde in the one-piece khaki thong number makes a decisive action to push the other blonde in the red bikini top. She is heard to tell her to “stay down” as another girl comes between them to break up their nonsense. But the chick in the red bikini top, none too impressed by being knocked over, is having absolutely none of it! She comes back and re-ignites the battle with the original protagonist. Giving her a shove, it becomes immediately apparent that she has bitten off more than she can chew.


By this time a nice crowd, has assembled to see the show. And they arrive to see ‘Khaki One-Piece’ advance strongly on ‘Ted Bikini Top’ throwing haymakers. A moment of silence preempts an amazing right cross thrown by ‘Khaki’ that lands flush on her jaw, knocking her to the sand much to the delight of male onlookers. The blokes absolutely love it!


This is where the video closes, but we hope that they were able to patch things up. It was too nice a day to let a few fisticuffs spoil it! Please take the time to thoroughly review the footage below. It is worth a few replays to get the full impact.